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Softraiment Limited provides its Customers with a variety of Products and Services, in several industries, such as Agriculture, Real Estate and Interior Decoration.


The company operates through subsidiaries including Softraiment Farms, Softraiment Homes & Softraiment Interiors.
cassava plantation
Softraiment Farms

We strive to meet the ever growing demand of food crops in Nigeria through Farming business. Agriculture business in Nigeria is gold yet to be mined.

Softraiment Interiors

We offer a state of art decoration that suit your need. The best you can ever imagine, thereby taking off you stress that comes with furnishing an apartment.

Softraiment Homes

We are Real Estate Consultants. We provide Research, Analysis and Advisory services to clients such as Builders and Property Investors. We manage, sell and lease properties of all categories. We are Strong and driven by innovation locally and internationally thereby providing rich quality services.

We are keen observers/participants of the economy and the real estate market and we always navigate the tide to bring out timely opportunities for the benefit of our clients above our competitors.

At Softraiment Homes, we have adopted Integrity, Excellence and Timeliness as our core values.

This has helped us define Value to our clients as not just the price paid for service but the totality of the quality of service received. Better still, we consistently determine our progress by the level of Service, Support and Solutions we provide to our clients and the wealth it creates for them.

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